Signs of

Signs of Substance Use Disorder/Addiction

People who suffer from substance use disorder may exhibit numerous physical and behavioral signs. Some of these signs may be readily apparent while others are hidden.

The most common signs of substance use disorder are:
• Tremors or seizures
• Loss of physical coordination
• Extreme lethargy
• Chemical odor on breath or clothes
• Pinpoint pupils
• Bloodshot eyes
• Changes in weight
• Changes in appetite and eating habits
• Irregular sleeping patterns
• Marks on skin
• Poor personal hygiene
• Changes in activities or hobbies
• Shifts in social circles
• Decreased participation in family activities
• Poor performance in work or school
• Repeated lying, dishonesty or deceit
• Legal issues
• Secretive behavior
• Self-isolation
• Neglecting responsibilities
• Financial issues


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please call 954-524-8989 or email



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